The following our endorsements of my books, therapy work, and speaking.



The Anxious Christian: Can God Use Your Anxiety for Good?

This book cuts through the fakeness and fear. Part memoir and part manual, it offers real people who often have real worries...I wrote this foreward because this was a book I needed, and I think other people need it too. -- Jon Acuff, best selling auhtor of Quitter and START

I loved this book. I often read something and think, this will be helpful to many, but I can't think of anyone who would not be helped by reading Rhett's book. It made me smile to see once more how God tucks the best news inside the most unusual boxes if we have the courage to open them. -- Sheila Walsh, best selling author of God Loves Broken People and Those Who Pretend They're Not

Rhett's personal story is profoundly honest-vulnerable, agonizing, and joyful. He does not settle for the quick fixes of pop psychology or the veneer of superficial Christianity. In reading The Anxious Christian you will find yourself plunged into the heart of anxiety, and in the deep waters of God's healing grace. -- Adam McHugh, author of Introverts in the Church

Rhett Smith asks Christians to stop and take seriously how God is using anxiety in their life. Rhett's an extraordinary able pastor and counselor, and his surprising new take on the anxious Christian should be in the hands of every '3AMer' out there. -- Hugh Hewitt, Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host and Best Selling Author

An important and timely book. If there's an emotion that could define our post-modern world I believe it would be anxiety. Rhett helps disarm the power we often give anxiety by explaining how it can actually have purpose in the Christian life in that it is potentially a pathway for growth. -- Jason Ingram, Grammy nominated songwriter, worship leader and member of One Sonic Society

For this first time, I see my anxiety as something to press into rather than run from. The Anxious Christian bears the same gifts as many of my favorite book: an earnest voice, a fresh perspective, and an invitation to begin a journey. -- Scott McClellan, author of Tell Me a Story and Communication Director at Irving Bible Church in Los Colinas, TX

In these pages, the reader will read a truthful and vulnerable account of how the author has the courage and presence to use anxiety to point himself and his relationships toward the effort to change his own identity and patterns. Read slowly and re-read-you will be rewarded with wisdom that has practical application of change in your journey of life. -- Terry Hargrave, author and Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA

In The Anxious Christian, Rhett Smith brings an honest, vulnerable, and, refreshing view to anxiety and faith. -- RO Smith, co-director of Youth Discipleship at Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, CA

Rhett's writing is thoughtful, authentic, and relatable. Rhett gently challenges the stereotypes that most Christians have about anxiety and leads us into the redemptive freedom of choice that we have been given. His unique perspective is restorative and hopeful. -- Mindy Smith, co-director of Youth Discipleship at Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, CA


What it Means to be a Man: God's Design for Us in a World Full of Extremes

Being a man in contemporary culture can be extremely confusing. Rhett Smith brings light to the subject in, What it Means to be a Man. I highly recommend it. -- Gary Chapman, best selling author of The 5 Love Languages

This book takes the bold risk to go to places and discuss things with men that we need to talk about. This is a book that calls out the best in each of us and challenges us to not settle for the version of manhood our culture presents to us. -- Justin Davis, co-founder of RefineUs and the co-author of Beyond Ordinary

This book moves beyond the rah-rah Braveheart masculinity. Rhett Smith is aware of the deadly symptoms that plague men from being 'men', but wisely directs men toward core issues beyond adrenaline-based masculinity. This book is accessible for readers and non-readers alike and also brings the ideas down to earth through practical application in each chapter. I know plenty of boys who need to become men and this book will help. -- Sean McGever, Area Director at Young Life

What it Means to be a Man is my favorite kind of book, the kind that sets you on a journey of self-discovery. This book is a bridge between the man you are and the man you're becoming--read it. -- Scott McClellan, author of Tell Me a Story and Communication Director at Irving Bible Church in Los Colinas, TX

In this simple, honest book, Rhett Smith paints a gracious portrait of masculinity and how it relates to the spiritual life. The conversations that result from his stories and wisdom are exactly the ones we need to be having. -- Jason Boyett, author of O Me of Little Faith and a Guy's Guide to Life

Sometimes you read a book and think the person really had two chapters of good material and spread it over eleven chapters. In this case, Rhett doesn't waste the reader's time or energy. Short chapters, easy to read, relevant material, and straight-to-the-point reflection questions make for fruitful reading and meaningful on-ramps for group discussion time. -- Keenan Barber, Pastor of Youth and Young Adults at Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, CA

Simple and to-the-point, What it Means to be a Man is a practical conversation starter for men (and women, too!). I deeply appreciate how Rhett consistently brings the focus of masculinity back to the relationship God the Father has with his Son, Jesus. After working with teenagers for the past 12 years, I could see this book becoming a great resource to give to guys as they head off to college. -- Emily P. Freeman, author of Grace for the Good Girl, and creator of the blog, Chatting the Sky

Understanding the 'fix it now' attitude with which most of us men attack life, Rhett meets every man right in his place by succinctly capturing the core pain we feel inside. Then, he just as succinctly offers us real tangible 'fixable' challenges for change. As a man, I like that. This book reads like a 'cookbook' for how we as men can recognize, call out in ourselves, and do something about (i.e. fix) the obstacles that hold us back from living out of the truest calling as husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, bosses, and friends. -- Todd Sandel, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Executive Director of LifeGate Counseling in Atlanta, GA

The issues that Rhett addresses have always been very complex to me, and I couldn't figure out how he was going to address them in one book! After sitting down to read the first chapter, I was moved by the mastery and talent of Rhett's insight and writing. This is a masterful book that outlines clear ways for men to grasp the possibilities and responsibilities to live our lives fully, through our brokenness-as God intended for us. I know every men's group that I am involved with now and in the future will see this book as a required reading resource. -- Kary Miller, Founder and Principal of Whetstone Inc.

Manhood in the church today is fraught with confusion from a variety of voices. Rhett Smith is a qualified guide to help remedy that. What it Means to be a Man undermines stereotypes in church and society that ensnare men with false expectations and unhealthy souls. It offers a roadmap to spiritual healing that is simple in the reading and profound in the application. The small group guide alone is worth the price of the book. -- Dale Fincher, Author and President of Soulation

With a unique perspective born of both his hard professional and personal work, Rhett Smith offers men 'cairns for the journey' and a vision of masculinity that is missing in so many places today--not least the church. Rhett's own vulnerability, humility, and wisdom are rare in a younger leader. His wisdom and insight reveals a teacher's heart and healer's soul. There is much to learn here. -- Tod Bolsinger, Ph.D, Senior Pastor of San Clemente Presbyterian Church and author of It Takes a Church to Raise a Christian

As a man, I am glad Rhett has written this book. With Rhett's background in psychology and his Christian worldview, I think this book is a must read for men who want to know more about what lies inside. -- Darrell Vesterfelt, President of Prodigal Magazine



Rhett Smith is a wonderful therapist who provided my son with sincere understanding and helpful coping skills while he navigated life through the process of divorce and growing into a teen at the same time. I highly recommend Rhett as he is knowledgeable, compassionate individual who is a true listener and wise advisor. Rhett got to the heart of my son's issues and provided unquestionable understanding and acceptance...offering a confused boy wonderful guidance and coping skills. The skills he learned helped my son during a difficult time and will benefit him in years to come. -- Amy

Rhett truly cares about me. He helped me through rough times after my divorce and helped me understand that I was not going through this experience alone. He urged me to rely on my faith, family, and friends to get through those tough times. He was always accessible and willing to help. I know I couldn't have recovered as quickly without him. -- Chris

During what my husband and I thought was a breaking point in our marriage, we were referred to Rhett Smith for marriage counseling. My husband, who had always been the 'strong and silent type' and was very reluctant to attend counseling based on negative childhood therapy experiences, miraculously and thankfully had an instant rapport with Rhett. His safe, encouraging, no-nonsense, unbiased, action-item based approach to healing our marriage was exactly what our stubborn, goal-oriented type 'A' personalities needed. After just one meeting with Rhett, there was a significant improvement in our ability to communicate in a positive and effective manner. By our sixth--and unanimously decided--last meeting, we were in a happier and healthier place in our relationship than we had ever been. Now, almost two years later, we still use the skills Rhett taught us and we could not be more grateful for his help and guidance. -- Ally

Working with Rhett before and during our marriage has been both an eye-opening and life-giving experience. With his insight into each of our personalities, his training and his empathy, we were both able to open up to Rhett and each other so that we could begin--and continue--our marriage in the healthiest way possible. -- Chris and Megan

I was under Rhett's care for quite some time dealing with guilt, shame and depression I had stemming from my childhood sexual abuse from my youth pastor. During my time with Rhett, I found him to be an incredibly skilled and intuitive therapist. This man stood alongside me as he helped me remember, relive, and heal from this very deep wound and learn to begin to trust again. -- Mark

We live overseas and only had a short time stateside to meet with Rhett. We are so very thankful we did! Rhett understood our time frame, helped us focus in on what was important, gave us new tools in our marriage and helped us learn to use them. We highly recommend working with Rhett. He is the best! -- Sam and Melissa

Before meeting and then regularly seeing Rhett, I was leery of counseling. However, he made me a firm believe in the benefits and necessity of this process to my well-being. He provides a safe, encouraging environment where I have been able to work through some of my biggest heartaches as well as celebrate some of my greatest victories. I am to a point in my life now where I no longer have to see him weekly, but I still come in for tune-ups every now and then! -- Erica

Rhett has been working with us at The Hideaway Experience for the past three years and presently serves as a co-lead therapist for our Marriage Intensive program. Rhett is a well-trained and highly skilled as therapist. All of the couples at The Hideaway Experience comment on how easy it is to connect with Rhett. -- Steve and Rajan Trafton, Founders of The Hideaway Experience, Amarillo, TX

When I first started counseling with Rhett, I was very pleased and impressed with his patience and comfort in his counseling. He has a great ability to relate and he is realistic in his recommendations. He has a great way of encouraging wellness, celebrating healing, and affirming individuality. I have been blessed to work with such a well-qualified and experienced counselor. -- Mindy

Rhett helped me sort through my personal issues. He worked with me with patience and kindness. I trust him and would definitely recommend him to a friend or family member. -- Mary



I'm a huge fan of Rhett speaking because he does a phenomenal job with so many different groups. I've had him speak to students, parents and staff and he has excelled in all venues. His transparency and willingness to use himself as an example is such a great way to connect with the audience and I will have him back again. -- Lars Rood, Associate Pastor for Children and Family Ministries, Bellevue Presbyterian Church, Bellevue, WA,

We gave Rhett an assigned topic for our event, and he nailed it. He brought insight and helpful information, personal connection and a winsome push to think in new ways. -- Mark Oestreicher, Partner, Youth Cartel, San Diego, CA

We invited Rhett to speak to our Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group about male identity development and how this affects fatherhood and marriage. He gave us an excellent and carefully crafted presentation that was sensitive to the perspectives and experiences of women in our audience. Rhett's stories from his family life and professional experiences were both engaging and thought provoking. He challenged all of us toward more attuned parenting, while offering plenty of empathy and ideas for practical solutions along the way. He would be an asset to any speaking schedule and I recommend him without reservation. -- Joy Lockard, LMFT, mom

Rhett has a special way of capturing and connecting with his audience. This immediate connection allows him to reach, touch and inspire those who have the privilege of hearing him speak. -- Pam Orr, Principle, Comstock Elementary (FISD), McKinney, TX

Rhett has come to speak to our young adult group's fall retreat a couple of times over the last few years and does a great job of making some significant connections with people in a pretty short period of time. He is always well prepared with well thought out and well researched topics, but also has done a great job of flexing his message as he hears the needs of the group while on the retreat. Great listener, big thinker, confident and competent communicator. We'll have him back real soon. -- Pastor of Youth and Young Adults, Bel Air Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, CA

Our PTA invited Rhett Smith to come and deliver a Parenting Program to our school community. He discussed The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family. While delivering his useful hints, he put the audience at ease by using humor and relatable stories from his own family experiences. I left the program feeling encouraged and inspired to put some of his tips to use in my own home. The feedback we received from the other parents who attended was very positive as well. We have made a few family changes since the program and have seen great results. I believe Rhett's speaking style would work with any group dynamic and I would highly recommend him for your event. -- Tina Campanella, PTA President, Comstock Elementary (FISD), McKinney, TX

Rhett has an incredible ability to relate his story and his life to the lives of those he is teaching. When Rhett opened up about how Gos uses a weakness in his life to give God glory, the kids began to view their weaknesses not so much as setbacks, but rather as a unique opportunity for the Lord to intervene. -- Cortney Hogan, Associate Director of Youth Ministry, La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church, Scottsdale, AZ

Earlier this year, we flew Rhett in to share with our large junior high and high school weekend retreat. He was fantastic! Rhett's authenticity, candor, and heart for knowing the Lord came through clearly to our students and leaders. He was a pleasure to work with before, during, and even after the event as he really has a genuine interest not in events, but in people. -- Sean McGever, Young Life Area Director, Paradise Valley and Cave Creek, AZ

Rhett has a relevant and insightful message for young adults. His experience and passion for the full spiritual development of those he speaks to comes across in an accessible, highly relatable way. Rhett helped paint a compelling vision of the Jesus-life through a contemporary cultural medium. -- Petey Crowder, Director of Young Adults, Highland Park Presbyterian Church, Dallas, TX