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  • Book Review -- Love to Stay: Sex, Grace and Commitment by Adam Hamilton

  • "There lies within the heart of most human beings a deep longing for close companionship with another--one who like us, yet mysteriously and sometimes maddeningly different from us. That heartfelt urge has been there from the beginning, and most of us feel it long before we're aware of our sexuality." (pp. 9) Those are the beautiful words that begin Adam Hamilton's new book, Love to Stay: Sex, Gr[...]
  • Beyond Ordinary: when a good marriage just isn't good enough

  • For many of us there is a gap between the marriage we have and the marriage we thought we would have. Sometimes the gap is created by unrealistic dreams and expectations. But more often that gap is created by a subtle equation that defines many marriages: Time + unintentionality = ordinary marriage. It isn’t that we intend to drift away from our spouses, but over time it just happens. [...]