AnxiousChristian_Web“This book cuts through the fakeness and fear. Part memoir and part manual, it offers hope for real people who often have real worries…I wrote this foreword because this was a book I needed, and I think other people need it too.” — Jon Acuff, Best Selling Author of Quitter, START and Do Over

The Anxious Christian: Can God Use Your Anxiety for Good?


what-it-means-to-be-a-man"Being a man in contemporary culture can be extremely confusing. Rhett Smith brings light to the subject in, What it Means to be a Man. I highly recommend it." -- Gary Chapman, Best Selling Author of The 5 Love Languages

What it Means to be a Man: God's Design for Us in a World Full of Extremes


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Outspoken: Conversations on Church Communication, which was a project that I wrote with 65 other contributors. You can read my contribution on Personal Growth, All Clear Communication Must Begin Here.

The New Media Frontier: Blogging, Vlogging and Podcasting for Christ, where I wrote a chapter on New Media Ministry to the MySpace-Facebook Generation: Employing New Media Technologies Effectively in Youth Ministries.

5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Their Kids and Sex by Anne Maria Miller, where I wrote a section on how to talk to your kids about sex, especially from a developmental perspective that takes into consideration theological and psychological concerns.



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