5 Things I Want To Do In The New Year–A 2009 Preview

I’m writing this post on Thursday, January 1, 2009. It’s a New Year which typically means we hope in anticipation for a great year…that our dreams, desires, goals…that all these things can be achieved.

I will be posting a more thorough blog on this topic come next week (after a little bit of blog redesign), but here are a couple of major themes that have been running through my mind, and that I want to incorporate into this New Year. You will notice how they are all somewhat interrelated as well.

  1. Less is More. Or as Tony Steward put it, Doing Less Better. These last couple of years have been ones of juggling too many things…I feel as if I’m in a constant state of trying to keep the things that I’m juggling from hitting the ground.  That is not a good feeling.

  2. Pruning.  I love John 15, and I think that if I’m going to bear “more fruit” in my life, I need to start pruning…letting go of some things.

  3. Focus. It’s hard to focus on things when my attention is scattered in so many different directions.  There are 1-2 things that I want to devote most of my attention to this year.

  4. Cut Out Distractions.  What are those things in my life that distract me.   I have given serious consideration to those and will be cutting aka “pruning” some of those things out of my life.

  5. Online Translates Into Offline. I’ve written about this already here, and will continue to do so.

In the coming weeks I will explore more of what these things mean specifically, and in what ways I hope to achieve them.

But for now, does the need for any of these things in your own life resonate with you?


  1. by brian wurzell on January 1, 2009  12:43 pm Reply


    I dig your resolve for this year. I think they are attainable goals. You're a great guy with fantastic perspective.

    I really think I like number 5 though.

    Happy New Year,

  2. by Justin on January 1, 2009  12:57 pm Reply

    Rhett - I completely dig it...

  3. by AndyC on January 1, 2009  1:15 pm Reply

    A good list for us all. May you be successful in 2009. Keep us posted.

  4. by Sean McGever on January 1, 2009  10:28 pm Reply

    These are great. Interested to know the the "how" and "what" of these. It seems more like one goal but without any way to know if you accomplished it at the end of the year.

    Ironically I thought #5 was an allusion to working offline from the web more in order to actually get done, but in terms of work to be done (i.e. batch email and web usage), not necessarily (but also not ruling out) meeting with people.

  5. by Jesse Phillips on January 2, 2009  1:55 pm Reply

    I wonder, does it really work to cut stuff out? I feel like I tried that in 2008, and started getting bored with what little I was doing, but now I feel overwhelmed.

    Does the cut-out thing work in your experience? It certainly sounds like it should.

  6. by Rhett Smith on January 3, 2009  12:08 pm Reply

    @Brian, thanks man. Yeah, I like #5 too...

    @Sean, yeah for sure. This was just a first, sort of vague, initial post. I'm going to be unrolling in some subsequent posts what that looks like fore me specifically, and hopefully that can be beneficial to others as well..

    @Justin...thanks man.

    @Andy, I will keep you posted for sure. We should meet up sometime.

    @Jesse, yep, I think it does work to cut stuff out...the right stuff. I tend to get bored as well. But I think I need to really focus my energy on some specifics. My broad interest tends to keep me from focusing on the necessary essentials sometime. I will post more later about what that looks like.

    Thanks for the comments everyone.


  7. by Mitch on January 5, 2009  10:43 am Reply

    I would agree with those resolutions as well, as I think most would. They're general enough to apply to almost anyone, and achievable through some very simple, strategic, segmented goals that you can set within a reasonable time frame too. A good friend of mine made a great post on this subject the other day. Here's the link: http://redbikeleader.com/?p=85

    Good luck Rhett in your new year!

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