Free Book Opportunity….The New Media Frontier

41xrnp8hxkl_bo2204203200_pisitb-sticker-arrow-clicktopright35-76_aa240_sh20_ou01_Everyone loves free stuff- so how about a free copy of The New Media Frontier, edited by John Mark Reynolds and Roger Overton. Crossway  will be sending a free copy of the book to the first 30 people who agree to review on their blog or Facebook page. Here are the details:

1) Send an email to with the subject “New Media Frontier Giveaway” with your name, mailing address, and blog address.
2) Crossway will send you a shiny new copy of The New Media Frontier.
3) Read the book and post a review on either a blog or your Facebook profile so all your friends can see it by October 31st, 2008.
4) Cross-post your review on

I enjoyed being a part of this book and I think you will find a very comprehensive list of contributors to the book, each having varied opinions and ideas on the new media  and it’s application to church, ministry, theology, etc.  There are some “how to” in this book, but I think what most people will find as complelling is some of the philosophy and theology of why we must be involved in new media as Christians.


  1. by C. Wess daniels on September 16, 2008  11:15 am Reply

    Very nice, I'd love too but I'm so swamped. Plus, I'd just hail that one dude's essay, I think his name is Rhett Smith, and overlook the others...

  2. by Sean on September 22, 2008  11:49 pm Reply

    Looks very cool. Hopefully I'm not too late. :)

  3. by Bubba on September 24, 2008  8:12 pm Reply

    I'd be happy to take up the cause. Count me in if the offers still open.

  4. by Lars Rood on January 14, 2009  7:49 pm Reply

    Just sent them an e-mail.

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