The Process of Writing and Creating Literature

So true. Found this over at ixthus Agitator

If you are a writer (professionally, or as a hobby), where do you spend most of your time in the graph?


  1. by Don on August 21, 2008  12:04 pm Reply

    I probably spent most of my time in the pen-thought area, but I wouldn't consider it "tatoos" - blogging maybe...

  2. by Andy C on August 21, 2008  4:10 pm Reply

    I agree with Don; not sure what tattoos means, unless it is the marks I am leaving on my mind as I try to turn thought into words.

  3. by Andrew S on August 21, 2008  4:16 pm Reply

    What if I'm a professional writer and I can't figure out where I go on the graph? Oh. The blank parts.

  4. by Rhett on August 21, 2008  5:06 pm Reply

    Don and Andy: I agree with you. Also, wasn't sure what he meant by "tattoos." Maybe that's the part of writing were you just start marking your body up cause you are bored :-)

    And Andrew, that's actually good to hear. Gives us non-writers hope. I spend a lot of time staring into space. Where is that in the graph?

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