Wikis in Plain English (aka email is old school)

I thought this video is appropriate in light of a couple of posts back..

It’s part of the Plain English Series:

Wikis in Plain English

I used email in the coordination of our Student Sunday service at Bel Air this last June. Big mistake. Email is terrible as they state in coordinating stuff. I’ve been playing around with Wet Paint, Wikispaces, and I’m also registered with Wikipedia to edit, etc., but I don’t have a handle on that site yet.

Do you use a wiki? Which one? Do you like it?

I know Neal Locke is a “wiki evangelist” so maybe he has some thoughts or suggestions. Neal?


  1. by Neal Locke on June 29, 2008  5:29 pm Reply

    I kind of like Mind Touch's DekiWiki right now, but probably the "uber wiki" to rule them all is yet to emerge. How do you like wet paint so far?

  2. by Rhett Smith on July 1, 2008  3:45 pm Reply


    Thanks for posting. I haven't tried Mind Touch's DekiWiki.

    I do like Wetpaint, but since I'm a wiki rookie I still don't know what and what not to expect...sort of. Wetpaint is really easy to use...some wikis have a very steep learning curve as you mentioned to me a few months ago. But Wetpaint is pretty much a no brainer.


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